Thursday, September 16, 2010

#1 Diamond 2v2 Strategy (T,Z)

This is a non-standard build you and a friend can execute to easily get to a top diamond rank in 2v2. It focuses on early aggression (some call cheese), communication, and unit composition effectively working together.

As Terran, you will be doing a proxy 9-Rax Reaper rush.
Set the waypoint of your first SCV to right outside the enemy base in a spot that won't be scouted.
As the SCV is moving over there, build 2 more SCV's, giving you a total of 9 population.
Once you have 150 minerals, build a Barracks with that close SCV.
As soon as you've built up 75 minerals, build a Refinery.
Build two more SCV's, so your population is now 11/11.
*Make sure you have 3 SCV's harvesting gas when refinery finishes*
To keep harvesting/mining efficiency highest, build a supply depot with your proxy SCV as soon as the barracks is finished.
After the depot, add a tech-lab to your barracks (these should be almost simultaneous).
Begin making the first reaper, an SCV if you wish, and move your proxy SCV into the opponents base you are close to.
Try to sneak a bunker in, most will pull a lot of workers off the line, which is good. If they don't, and you get the bunker up, it is basically GG right there.
If the bunker fails, that's ok. Go for the mineral line with your bunkers, micro intensively.
Once you have your 2nd reaper going, the next 50 gas can be used on speed upgrade for them. This is important, don't forget it.
Keep the pressure on, if you can't break the first guy, move to the other guy's base.
Leave these guys for your teammate. Help your opponent if you can, as in the video.

While all this is happening, don't forget to build up your main. Upgrade your OC, throw down more barrackes, it doesn't really matter what you do as long as you spend your money and can respond to what the opponent seems to be trying to do.

Very simple strategy for the Zerg player.
Move overlord to enemy for sight.
-10 spawning pool
-10 extractor (build replacement drones!)(put 3 in when finished)
-10 overlord
-Make nothing but zerglings.
-At 100gas (~3min mark), research speedling upgrade (metabolic boost)
-Pull the three on gas, put them on minerals.

As the game progresses, it may not be a bad idea to drone and tech up to roaches, most games this is completely unnecessary though.

The most important and difficult thing for the zerg is to KNOW YOUR JOB!!!
Let the reapers do their damage, don't throw away zerglings on zealots or wall attacks. Your job is to protect the reapers from stalkers, marauders, and roaches, which you will easily be able to do simply because of the numbers difference that early in the game.
You must also chase and kill retreating units, metabolic boost helps this incredibly. You need to communicate with your partner where the enemy is so the terran's reapers don't get sniped, and so, when they decide to attack, your zerglings are in front taking the damage and going after the tier 1.5 stuff, while the reapers melt away the tier 1 stuff.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Infamous 4-Gate (Protoss)

Build Order
-9 Pylon
-12 Gateway, Cybernetics Core when Gateway finishes (zealot if you think you need it for blocking or whatever
-14-15 Assimilator
This is a standard Protoss opener. Learn it!
As soon as CyberCore finishes, begin warp gate technology. Keep building probes! If you want a more economic route, chrono boost probes. If you want a faster more aggressive 4-gate, chrono boost the warp gate technology instead.
Get your 2nd gas as needed. If you think you are going to need mostly zealots and stalkers, gas_2 might be later, if you need sentries for GS and FF, get 2nd gas earlier.

The big thing you want is to have all 4 gateways done or finishing as your warp gate technology finishes. Place a proxy pylon hidden near your opponent to quickly reinforce your army.

You can constantly produce from all 4 warp gates, so in all likelihood you will beat your opponent with the first attack around 50-60 food. If not, take your natural expansion and add on some upper tech to deal with his army composition.

This build has a natural weakness to Roaches, it is vital to gauge the timing of any Roach Warren and any expansions. Roaches on the field will create problems for a 4 gate attack, and unless the zerg takes a fast expansion, it is unlikely that an overwhelming numerical advantage can be had from 4 gates.

Prioritize Stalkers if you scouted Roaches or a heavy investment in Spine Crawlers, otherwise prioritize Zealots to deal with high Zergling counts. A Sentry or two is always useful to deny mobility or reinforcements to the zerg with force fields.

Aim to do significant economic damage, killing drones or queens, or snipe an expansion. Accept losses to destroy a Hatchery, a units worth in drones, or tech building but do not overcommit in the event that the zerg has heavily defended his main base.

Make sure you scout! A weakness of this is that you won't have an observer out faster than they can get a cloaked unit to you. If you see them going down a tech path that has potential for cloaked units, get that robo and observer out. If you catch it early enough, go for a 3warp gate 1robo build instead.

This strat will get you into diamond easy. There are top protoss diamond players who do nothing but 4-gate very effectively.
See you in the diamond guys.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Get to Top Platinum/Diamond Guaranteed (Terran)

This is a simple strategy that a terran of any level can use to move up to platinum or even diamond if executed correctly.

Three Rax Build
10 supply depot
12 barracks_1
13 refinery (3 in gas when done)
15 upgrade Orbital Command

This is the standard terran opener used in nearly every strategy, master it.
Once you upgrade your OC, build a marine at barracks_1. Use it to kill off their initial scouting worker if they have one. (If they steal a gas, don't worry, you only need the one).

Build another supply depot, don't forget to mule. When that first marine is finished, build a tech lab addon and start making marauders from barracks_1. After that depot, you should have enough for a 2nd barracks.

At some point here you will have 100 spare gas where you can start researching stim.

Keep building scv's (should never stop).
Once barracks_2 finishes, immediately make a reactor on it and start barracks_3.
Continue making scv's, marauders, muling, and adding depots as needed.
Once barracks_3 is finished, build a tech lab on it and start making marauders there. The tech lab on barracks_3 should start concussive shells.

If done correctly, you should have constant production scv's, as well as constant marauder production from barracks 1 and 3, as well as constant marine(x2) production from barracks_2.

Push out at around 55 food (stim and concussive should be done easily by then). While pushing your opponent, build a Command Center at your natural expansion.

You will likely win. If not, you will be roughly even in terms of army size (if you didn't forget to keep building units while you pushed). You will also have a second base from which to gather.

Once your natural is up, build 3 more barracks (2x tech lab, 1x reactor), and push at ~100 food.

This is not an unbeatable strategy, but it will get you into diamond if practiced and executed correctly.

More strategies to come :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Debo is F***ing hilarious

Sorry about the quality, and this might not be work appropriate (pg13 language), but this video is just too damn funny. I had to share it.